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Real Estate Photography Tutorial – File Management – Start to Finish

There are a lot of decisions that you need to make when starting out that will determine how easy your job is. File management and photo storage is a piece of the puzzle where you will either have it organized and don’t have any issues, or you’ll make it more difficult than it needs to be and time will be wasted. From choosing the right memory cards to storing and organizing the photos on your computer, every decision makes a difference. […]

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Backup Plans Are Important for Real Estate Photographers

Do you have a backup plan? Working with expensive electronics, real estate photographers need to be aware of the potential for something to go wrong. And when something does go wrong, how will you get by without disrupting your work schedule? […]

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Real Estate Photography Pricing Guide and Tips

A benefit of running your own real estate photography business is being able to have control over how much money you make. Through setting your schedule and choosing your real estate photography pricing, you determine how much income you will bring in. But it’s not as easy as one might think, and there are mistakes that should be avoided when first pricing out your services. […]

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The Number One Real Estate Photography Tip

Put lighting, angles and staging aside. The most important real estate photography tip in my opinion involves vertical lines. I always like to start this conversation by showing the leaning tower of pisa. In our world, we see vertical lines as part of structures everywhere we look. Doors, walls and window frames are almost always perfectly vertical. Some rare exceptions are out there where the architect purposefully installed a curved wall or window, but for the most part we come to expect perfectly vertical lines. If the photos you took of a property seem to be tilting to the left or right, we need to work on correcting our verticals. Here are the easy, simple steps to start taking real estate photos like a pro. 1You need to be sure the camera is 100% level. A good tripod will have a bubble level you can reference to be sure the shot is level. Shooting with a level camera will straighten the vertical lines in the frame and make the resulting photo more pleasing to look at. 2When you level the camera, you then have to lower the camera. Shooting real estate photos properly by correcting vertical lines means you can no longer shoot at eye-level as the frame would be ceiling heavy. Lower the camera to waist or just above waist level to get the important details of the space in the frame. [/fusion_builder_column]

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What Is Real Estate Photography

It's important we are all on the same page when discussing real estate photography. For the sake of this website, real estate photography is when we create photos for a property listing that a real estate agent is going to sell on the housing market. In other words, we are creating photos that will be placed on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). So What's The Big Deal?! Creativity. As photographers, especially if you have done portrait work or weddings, we tend to become very attached to our images. We like to produce a work of art that the client will fall in love with and cherish as a memory forever. This site first and foremost focuses on running a real estate photography business. A business that is detached from most of the artistic freedom you enjoy with other forms of photography. The photos you take of properties are meant to last a couple of days and although they will be phenomenal, we need to remember that we are providing a service for a fast-paced industry and our photos are temporary. Oh, and they are already late - you were supposed to have them completed yesterday. (After all, you are expecting your photos will be the main reason that property just went under contract in less than 48 hours...right?) Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the resulting photos aren't valuable and aren't worth a price. We ARE going to be providing a service and getting paid for said service. However we need to relax a bit on the artistic aspect and instead treat real estate photography as a business where we minimize subjectivity and concentrate on producing a product that can be duplicated [...]

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