About Me

Who Am I?

I’m Lance Selgo, owner of Unique Exposure Photography. I started my real estate photography business in 2010 while continuing web development work in corporate America. It was a slow and steady growth, but by September of 2012 I was too busy to juggle and manage both positions. I left corporate America to support my successful real estate photography business and I haven’t looked back.


This was the first business I had ever started and I didn’t have any formal photography training, let alone real estate photography training. All of the knowledge I gained to build my business was self-taught through online resources that I share here on the site, or by networking and meeting with other small business owners in the industry.

So Why Share, and Why For FREE?!

Simple. To help empower others to build a successful real estate photography business like I did. When I started out it took me a while to get on the ground running because I had to dig for information within multiple resources. Heck – it took over two years before I was able to quit my day job! I believe that if I had a resource like Tips for Real Estate Photography I would have been able to succeed even quicker.

Throughout the building process of your business, I encourage you to network with other small business owners who have the same drive and passion as yourself. You’ll soon find out that sharing information helps everyone involved and no matter how much you share, it takes a special small business owner like yourself to implement the knowledge they are given to be successful.

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