If you are looking for equipment that I may have mentioned in past posts, you can use the list below to quickly reference the gear/software I use.
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Camera Bodies

Still photos
Still photos

Camera Lenses

Canon 60D
Sigma 10-20mm (Canon Mount)
Less expensive alternative to the Canon 10-22mm. If you don’t shoot Canon make sure to get the Sigma that mounts to your camera manufacturer. There is also the Tokina 11-16mm but I don’t recommend it because of its smaller focal length.


Tripods & Heads

Canon 5DMKIII, still photos
Canon 5DMKIII, still photos
Canon 5DMKII, video
Canon 5DMKII, video
Any equipment that I use with the Canon 5DMKII. Tripod/slider/glidecam


Stabilizer for walking video tours
Stabilizer for walking video tours
Slider for slow, sliding movements
Camera crane by Kessler Crane for cinematic movements

Note: All of the above have the Manfrotto 394 Quick Release Plate System attached.

Audio (for Video)

Portable recorder great for testimonials, video intros (I have two). The 2GB microSD card that comes with the recorder delivers ~2h53m record time, plenty for agent bios/testimonials
Lavalier Microphone for use with the Zoom H1 above (I have two)
Black tie clip to replace the silver one that comes with the Olympus ME-15 (I have two)
To help block wind noise when using the Olympus ME-15 (I have two)

Lighting (for Video)

I never use additional lighting for video tours, and rarely use lighting for testimonials. For agent bios I try to position the subject by a window, and then use the LED panel as back/hair light to avoid having to use the Impact VA903 listed below.

Using the core white translucent option in front of the VA903 lamp, this acts as a diffuser

Fired at the subject, around a 45 degree angle as the main light (note: this lamp is big)
Back/hair light

Aerial / Pole Photography

Inexpensive quadcopter that can be flown indoors for much needed practice
Entry-level, but still fully-capable quadcopter, using a GoPro
Bigger hexacopter to carry heavier loads. Can use a GoPro or another camera like the Sony-RX100 or Sony NEX 5N
Painters pole adapter to security fasten camera to for pole aerial photography (blog post)

Wireless remote to trigger camera during pole aerial photography (blog post)
Wireless remote camera controller for Nikon & Canon cameras, with Live View sent to iOS devices (I have not used this device but have heard goo things about it. However I can’t vouch for it based off personal experience)

Misc Equipment

Allows triggering as many brackets as necessary when shooting photos (blog post)
210 individually wrapped wet wipes, perfect for keeping in the car to clean lenses/camera on the go.
Blows air into the camera, to attempt to remove dust from the sensor
Swabs and cleaning solution to thoroughly clean the camera sensor
Extra sensor swabs for when you run out in the cleaning kit above
Monitor calibrator to make sure the colors of your monitor are configured correctly so your photos have accurate color (blog post)

Memory Cards / Storage

Canon 60D

Canon 5DMKII
Backup/archive storage, external hard drive

Software / Site Subscriptions

Client-management system for real estate photographers only. Shoot scheduling, photo delivery, online payments, tours, etc.
Full versions of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, via Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription for Photographers ($9.99/month).
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom stand-alone software package for processing photos (if you prefer to not be on a subscription plan)
Plugin for Enfuse software to process brackets within Lightroom

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