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Equipment That Makes Real Estate Photography Easier

A camera, wide-angle lens, battery, memory card and tripod are pretty much all that’s required to take photos of real estate listings using the methods described here on the site. It might be a little challenging or slow, but it will get the job done. If we want to make our lives easier and finish our job quicker, or offer a service that our real estate photographer competitors might not provide, we need to look at some additional equipment. […]

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Camera Body, Lens and Equipment Must-Haves

If you are just starting your real estate photography business you may already have a camera body and lens because of your prior experience with photography. But not all photographers start out having the right equipment, so let’s take a look and see what camera bodies and lenses I use, and why. […]

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Camera Sensor and Lens Dust Cleaning

If you are like me, you probably don’t clean your sensor very often. I always carry a microfiber cloth with me and clean my lens glass frequently, but I never get down to business and clean the sensor itself. You might need to though to prevent dust spots from appearing in your real estate photos. […]

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Real Estate Photography Tutorial – Editing With Lightroom And Enfuse/HDR

To have a successful real estate photography business, you have to understand which editing method you would like to use during post-processing. I like the combination of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom with the Enfuse plug-in to create HDR photos that are natural and realistic looking. Below I share a video tutorial of the entire process. […]

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Real Estate Photography Tutorial – Software Setup for Post Processing

After you’ve taken photos of a property you can post-process and edit the photos with a variety of software programs. In this real estate photography tip we’ll look at what software I use to blend my bracketed shots together to deliver the final product. […]

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Real Estate Photography Tutorial – Shot List and Guide

Taking the shot is relatively easy, but for real estate photography there are some key tips to keep in mind that will allow you to deliver the best product possible to your Realtor clients. Before we look at exterior and interior photo tips, let’s come up with an appropriate shot list. […]

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Real Estate Photography Tutorial – Prep and Settings

Following some basic steps for every real estate photography shoot will go a long way in helping things run smoothly for both you and your clients. Properly preparing for your shoots and having an understanding of what settings you will be using on your camera will set you on the right foot toward success. […]

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Branding Your Business Through Web, Print and More

Branding is important. That’s why McDonald’s spends hours at photo shoots with a food stylist and photographer, just for a simple photo of a big mac! Let’s be honest, would you buy the burger pictured at the top of the article? Probably not. Branding is important because your brand is what most Realtors will see when hiring you for a shoot. […]

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Cancellation and Reschedule Policy for Photography Businesses

In the real estate industry everything seems to happen rather quickly. Sellers change their mind, agents aren’t always prepared, and weather gets in the way of real estate photography shoots. Having a cancellation and reschedule policy is very important, and it’s best to let clients know from day one how you run your business so there aren’t any surprises. […]

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