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Real Estate Twilight Photography Tips Including Post-Process Editing

Real estate twilight photography has many advantages. It can help you build your business and client base, and it can add a high-value product to your services. Let’s first take a look at some of the pros and cons of twilights for real estate photography. Then we’ll look at a video where I show how I edited a recent twilight photo for a property. […]

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What’s In a Real Estate Photographer’s Bag

Getting your camera gear from one shoot to the next may seem trivial. But we need to think of ways to keep our camera gear safe and protected. It also helps to be efficient and minimize the number of camera bags we carry around, and just make it easier in our day-to-day journeys. Here is how I carry my real estate photography equipment around. […]

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Staging a Home for Sale (A Real Estate Photographer’s Point of View)

Staging a home for sale should not be taken lightly. In fact, I would argue that a real estate photographer should not have any involvement at all when staging a home for sale. As part of a team effort when marketing a property, every member should focus on their strength. The Realtor should lead the team in organizing the marketing process. The stager should provide a consult at minimum to give the seller the knowledge they need to prepare their home. The photographer should then take photos when the home is photo-ready and shining in its best light. A photographer is NOT a stager and should not be expected to act as one in the process of photographing the home. For agents who put a photographer in that position on site it is also very unprofessional in the eyes of a client. […]

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Pole Aerial Photography for Real Estate

Pole aerial photography is a service real estate photographers can have in their arsenal that can set themselves apart from the competition. But more importantly, it allows the camera to get up high in the sky. This results in views that can be unobtainable from ground level. Benefits of Pole Aerial Photography Not all properties have a perfect view from the street. Various things can be in the way that block the view of the home. Things like landscaping and fencing can make it difficult for buyers to see the front of the property. Pole aerial photography allows us to put our camera higher up in the sky to be more eye level with the property. Additionally it enables us to avoid obstructions that might be right in front of the camera. Let's take a look at some examples of where pole aerial photography improves the end result. This first example shows some landscaping bushes surrounding the walkway to the front door of the property. Putting our camera higher into the sky, we can shoot over the bushes closest to the camera. Buyers can then see more of the front of the property itself. (Click on the navigation buttons to switch between the before/after photos.) As you can see from the example, pole aerial photography may not result in a drastic change. However the higher vantage point allows us to deliver a more pleasing image to our clients due to our attention to detail and superior level of service. Here is an example of a home on a farm that had a white metal fence directly in front. Using a pole allowed the camera to get above the fence, removing it [...]

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HDR Real Estate Photography Tutorial With Examples

We have already looked at a HDR real estate photography tutorial using the Enfuse method of blending brackets. When I first started my business it was one of two options. The other option for blending multiple exposures together was strict HDR software like Photomatix. At the time, Photomatix didn’t have an Enfuse option so the result was over-saturated, overly tone mapped images. I see different variations of HDR photos online for property listings and thought we could go through a couple and look at their strengths and weaknesses. […]

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The Best RC Helicopter With Video Camera for Real Estate Photography

You have probably read about it on the web. The hot thing right now in real estate is taking aerial images with UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). Some times they are referred to as “drones”. Where do you begin when trying to put a camera in the air? Do you focus on aerial photos, aerial video or both? Let’s see what might be the best RC helicopter with video camera for real estate photography. […]

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Real Estate Video Equipment

The use of real estate video is rising drastically. Brokerages are hiring in-house videographers to capture agent listings. Buyers are using video to purchase homes without even seeing them in person! As a real estate photographer I think it’s important to offer a video product. Let’s take a look at some of the real estate video equipment I use as part of my business. […]

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Virtual Tours – Branded and With Video

Most real estate photographers are expected to provide two virtual tour links to their Realtor clients. One version is branded with the agent contact info on it. The other is MLS-Compliant, or unbranded. As far as I know, the majority of MLS systems do not allow agent branding to be visible in their submitted tours.  […]

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Some Real Estate Agents Just. Don’t. Get It.

Some times no matter what statistics we share with Realtors and how much we prove that our services will help sell their properties, we just can’t win them over. It’s important to remember that you aren’t everyone’s client, and everyone isn’t your potential client either. […]

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Create Virtual Tours on the Cheap With WordPress

It’s the talk of the real estate world… “I use virtual tours for all of my listings”, “I don’t list a property without a virtual tour”… As a real estate photographer, you need to provide virtual tour links to your clients. This post will guide you in a cost-effective way of creating your own virtual tours to provide to your Realtors. […]

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