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How to Become a Virtual Tour Provider for

One of the things you can do to extend outstanding service to your Realtor clients is offer to submit your virtual tour links to for them. Although it’s not as prominent today as it was in the past, labels listings with a Tour link to let buyers know additional content is available for them to view. […]

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How I Survived a 25% Price Increase (So Far)

It was a long time coming. And I was terrified. As a small business owner, we have a hard time believing we are worth every penny (Amazon aff link to a good book to motivate you). We feel the need to help people, which results in low pricing and discounted services. The time will come when you need to raise your prices and you’ll need to come up with a plan to get your clients on board. […]

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Importance of Color Calibration for Your Monitor

It took me a couple of years of running my real estate photography business before I ran into a situation where I needed to color calibrate my monitor. All of the photos that I took were uploaded to MLS and viewed online, right? And everything can see the photos like I see them, we don’t have a printer getting in the way, so what’s the point of color calibration? […]

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Key Things You Can Do That Factor Into Business Growth With Happy Clients

Being a professional real estate photographer is not only about providing awesome home photos. A business needs to be run professionally and clients need to be treated appropriately. Customer service goes a long way in helping your business grow and keeping happy clients on your list means you’ll continue to have work. […]

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Work-Life Balance and Handling Company Growth

It’s hard (especially when first starting a real estate photography business) to not devote 100% of your time to your business. But as you grow and become successful, you may need to look at what direction you want to take your business. Your happiness is important, and for some people that means growing their business into the biggest entity possible. For others, they realize they don’t have to create a huge business to be happy. […]

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File Management, Organization and Exporting in Adobe Lightroom [Video]

I have previously discussed file management for real estate photography to show how I organize all of my files. But I’ve received questions about it and had requests from readers that I put together a video to show my folder structure. […]

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Setting New Client Expectations Before the Shoot

I’ve mentioned before that it’s always a good idea to set expectations up front. When you bring on a new client, it’s important for you and the client to understand how you operate. What can they expect you to do or not do at the property? What’s the next step after the photos are taken? How do they make the requested payment for your services? These and other questions can be answered up front to kick off a successful business relationship with new Realtor clients. […]

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Do You Need Contracts for Real Estate Photography Shoots?

I’ve been asked a couple of times through email about the usage of contracts in real estate photography. What do I use for contracts to bind my Realtors to my services? As a real estate photographer, how do I protect myself from an agent that may not pay for the services I provided? What about exclusivity or maybe agreeing to reserve a day of the week for an agent on retainer? […]

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Produce a Real Estate Lifestyle Video

Have you seen the video with a naked guy walking around a property filmed in black and white? Or the home owner selling her ranch because of a sickness she was diagnosed with so she has to give up her dream property? These are examples of lifestyle real estate videos – videos that show buyers what it’s like to live at a property. They tend to draw on emotion more than showcasing the property itself. While you and I may never produce something so extravagant, we do have options on providing this type of service to our client base. […]

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Communicating With Clients and Keeping Your Schedule Organized

If you are like me and don’t have any staff to help you, the Spring, Summer and early Fall can be very hectic for you. As a small business owner we find ourselves wearing all hats to keep our businesses running. On top of our busy days shooting and processing real estate photos, we have to extend outstanding customer service to our valued clients through communication and scheduling. Here are some of the things I do to stay on top of my schedule and keep clients happy. […]

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