5 Reasons Why Professional Real Estate Photography Sells Homes Faster

Newsflash – professional real estate photography sells homes faster (thanks to you)! Just how much faster? Well, according to PR Newswire, when you take photos of a house for an agent, that home will, on average, sell 32 percent faster. You know your worth, but let’s take a look at why the homes you photograph sell faster on the market (you can pat yourself on the back now). It may spark some marketing ideas. Or just some needed confidence boosting.

1. Eye-catching

The best way to stand out online – amongst thousands of home listings – is to have a beautiful or unique look. Real estate photos that capture the striking beauty of a home, by artfully diminishing potential flaws and presenting a spacious, light and airy property, will garner more clicks on an online listing [and more requests for showings]. Professional photographers have an eye for detail and intrinsically know the best angles to use for showcasing features.

2. Photographs make valuable impressions

Think about the last time you were moved by a piece of artwork. Can you recall what it looks like? What was it about the piece that moved you? More than likely, you made a connection between that visual piece and yourself or your own life; this is how many memories are made and why our photographs are so important.

Real estate agents are counting on you to take striking photos of their properties so that potential buyers make connections with the homes – before they ever step foot through the door. Our work is an integral part of the marketing and selling process in real estate because we have the ability to showcase a property in a way that fosters connections between clients and homes. A real estate agent taking property photos with their smartphone is not going to sell properties as fast as an agent who calls in the professionals.

3. Perceived value

If you’ve ever been called in to help after a house has been listed with amateur photography (and isn’t selling), you can see why professional photography sells homes faster. Beautiful images of homes which prospective buyers first view online garner a higher perceived value. Those photos that got the buyer in the door had a strong hand in selling them, and they likely arrived at the showing with your photos in mind; they’ve connected with something about the home. Those images stay with buyers and often help sellers command higher prices for their homes without lengthy negotiations and haggling.

4. Professional photography works for homes at all price points

Those homes that sell 32 percent faster with professional photography aren’t all mansions and luxury properties. In fact, professional photography sells homes at all price points faster. Small homes can appear large with the clever use of lighting, lenses, and composition. And while the square footage in the listing might be unimpressive, our photographs can help highlight a home’s strong points, as well as to make a smaller home appear expansive.

5. More bang for the marketing buck

There really is no better investment for a realtor to make in their business than finding – and hiring – a stellar real estate photographer. With marketing dollars being split between both print and online materials, our photography stands out across mediums. By investing in a photographer as part of their marketing strategy, agents aren’t just throwing something up in the air, hoping it will stick. Visual imagery is proven to make strong impressions, and the home buying process relies very much on aesthetics.

Our work is versatile, gets people in the door, and absolutely sells homes faster. Remember that when seeking new business opportunities with prospective Realtor clients.

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