I have previously discussed file management for real estate photography to show how I organize all of my files. But I’ve received questions about it and had requests from readers that I put together a video to show my folder structure.


Directories are the same as previously described, with one minor addition.


I have added the 01 to keep my shoots in order. I found that it was easier to know the order of the shoots if I put the number in there and had my directories in order. Not a big deal for a small one-man shop like myself but if you have multiple people in your real estate photography business, this could help. It could be used as a priority of sorts, to know which shoots should be edited/processed first.


I didn’t explain how I export my files out of Lightroom in my previous file management post. In the video I show what I do. I use a great plugin called RC Export Manager for Lightroom. (NOTE: If the Export Manager website is down try this link.) You create export presets in Lightroom and instead of running one export batch at a time, RC Export Manager allows you to trigger all of your exports to run at once.

As you’ll see in the video, I have a lot of different types of exports that I use because the web system for my companyΒ handles all of my photo display/delivery. I need to feed it various sizes of photos, so I use Lightroom to create them. Most likely you will find yourself only interested in two or three exports. You’ll probably export Full size photos as well as a compressed Small size (for Realtors to post to MLS).

You may also export what I call Proofs, which are small compressed photos with a logo watermark on them. I use Proofs to allow my clients to see the photos before payment, and Lightroom automatically can put the watermark on your photos for you.

Enjoy the file management video below. If you have any tips or tricks on how you organize your photo shoots, feel free to add a comment!