How to Find Real Estate Photography Clients: A Guide

Do you know that homes with high-quality pictures sell faster by 32 percent?

Real estate photography is hot business right now! It needs dedication and persistence, especially in finding the right clients. Besides, it’s a competitive business that requires utmost professionalism.

In this field, if you work smart, you’ll find the best clients. Any serious business should focus on service delivery, and real estate photography is no different. Here’s a guide on how to find real estate photography clients.

1. Make a List of Deliverables

The success of any business solely lies in the clarity of ideas. What do you want to achieve? What’s the time frame of achieving these deliverables?

As a real estate photographer, you don’t want to work blindly. Making a list saves the time that you’ll spend in trying to achieve very little after putting in a lot of effort. It also gives you a clear plan on the steps that you should follow to attain specific goals.

Make a list of all the real estate websites in your locality. Nowadays, most real estate agents have social media handles, making it easy to find them. Browse through their requirements and ensure that you’re in line with all of them.

Also, note their lowest and highest prices. Most real estate offices charge differently depending on the skills of their preferred photographer. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that you’re up to the task to yield better success at gaining a great client.

The main benefit of having a list is that it keeps you organized. It enables you to focus on achievable short-term goals that keep your business running.

2. Understand What Real Estate Agents Want

The biggest mistake that you can make in this business is assuming that all real estate agents are the same. Well, most of them indeed operate under the same guidelines. However, there are specific details that they usually focus on before giving you the reins of photographing a listing.

Conducting extensive research will save you from the embarrassment of being rejected by a favorable brand. So, ensure that you’re in line with what they want. Check with their former photographers and note any unique requirement.

Also, benchmark with experienced photographers. Photography is a learning business, and you can’t be a master of everything. Sometimes, benchmarking enables you to identify certain mistakes that you make while handling your photography equipment.

No real estate agent wants a green photographer. They usually expect you to be well-conversant in their way of conduct. As such, do extensive research and ensure that you’re up to the task before signing up for the job.

Also, you should know the category of the client that you’re dealing with. Essentially, some focus on commercial property while others prefer residential real estate.

Thus, their taste and preference are different. So you must conform to the specific requirements of various real estate agents.

3. Reach Out by the Word of Mouth

Now that you know what the real estate agents want, it’s time to reach them. Reaching them by word of mouth is preferable if you come from the same area. Schedule for an appointment and use this opportunity to shine.

Most photography businesses thrive just by this impressive technique. A good photographer will have their clients talking about their incredible services. Your friends and close family members can refer you to a couple of real estate agents that they know.

However, you need to have an excellent work ethic for the success of this technique. Besides, you should have a superb website portfolio with testimonials and reviews.

Some real estate agents may invite you to their offices for a speaking opportunity. Seize this chance and give them more details about your exemplary services. Also, ask them to clarify their vision so that you can work with a clear focus. (Just be realistic knowing it may take numerous face-to-face meetings before you secure a business relationship).

4. Wondering How to Find Real Estate Photography Clients? Use Paid Social Media Ads

Investments in social media ads are expected to grow to approximately $48 billion by 2021. More people are investing in social media because it’s the best platform for real estate photographers to showcase their talent. Most clients get their preferred photographers from different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube, and many more.

You can reach a broad audience with a straightforward post. Let people know what you’re doing, and you’ll find a few interested individuals. Also, ensure that the posts give an exclusive description of your services.

Nowadays, most social media platforms have paid advertisement options. With a few dollars, they’ll ensure that your advertisement reaches a wider audience. The more you pay, the greater the audience reach.

Besides, you can focus the ad on reaching a specific audience in a precise location. This enables you to reach a relevant audience. For instance, you can automate the advert only to cover the region where you want to service clients.

This technique is essential for those who don’t have much money to spare for advertising their photography services. The conventional ways of advertisement are costly. 

5. Print Flyers and Brochures

This technique is the easiest way of explaining yourself to prospective clients. Besides, it’s less costly and you can either hire a designer for printing services or do it yourself.

However, you should only deliver the brochures and flyers to prospective customers. The sure way of doing this is mailing them to potential real estate agents. You can also take them to their offices.

The flyers and brochures should be eye-catching. They should give exclusive details in a single read. Therefore, they should be well-designed and not too crowded.

Photography Business Is Sensitive

Every day, new photographers come up intending to replace those who’ve been in the industry.

Thus, you should always be prepared to learn new techniques and services in this business. If you don’t keep up with the stiff competition, then you may see your client base dwindle. Invest in learning real estate photography trends for a more successful career.

Good lucking finding more real estate photography clients – you got this!

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