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In a Hurry Are We? Sweet – Let’s Get This Done!

Install Seller’s Prep List

Thanks for trusting me to install the seller’s prep list for you! It’s time to get started!

But first, I need the following from you. Please shoot the requested documents/content to:

  • The Email Address you used to complete the PayPal payment
  • Your web host login page with user/pass (feel free to change them to something generic while I complete the update and then switch them back to something else when I’m finished).
  • The domain/url you are putting the seller’s prep list on.
  • Your company’s name.
  • Any content for the individual sections that you want changed/updated to meet your needs.
  • Your bio for the Expectations section.
  • Your Google+, Facebook and Twitter URLs.
  • Your company’s logo (keep in mind it’s going to be shrunk to 26 pixels in height! So a “wide” version is better than a “tall” or “square” version.
  • The following full-resolution images, as referenced in the tutorial walk-through in steps #7 and #8:
    1. welcome.jpg
      • Image for background of the “Welcome” text when sellers first go to your page
    2. why.jpg
      • This photo goes with the section that asks “Why prep for photos”? This can be any strong portfolio image that you have.
    3. general.jpg
      • This photo goes with the “general” section with basic tips that apply to all spaces. Use a strong portfolio image, but I recommend an interior living or family room.
    4. front.jpg
      • Use a front exterior shot.
    5. back.jpg
      • Use a back yard shot.
    6. kitchen.jpg
      • Use a kitchen shot.
    7. afterkitchen.jpg
      • This is the photo that’s full-screen (wide) immediately following the kitchen section. I chose a white kitchen for my site because it shows up after the kitchen section, but feel free to use any impressive portfolio shot here.
    8. dining.jpg
      • Use a formal dining shot.
    9. living.jpg
      • I recommend a family room shot here.
    10. master.jpg
      • Use a master bedroom shot.
    11. guest.jpg
      • I recommend a kid’s room shot, as a guest room with a bed will be redundant with a master bedroom.
    12. bathrooms.jpg
      • Use a master bathroom shot.
    13. pets.jpg
      • Use a shot of your own pet or find a neighbor/friend that has a pet that you can take a photo of.
    14. needhelp.jpg
      • This is the RESA (Real Estate Staging Association) logo. You can upload any type of photo here depending on what type of content you fill in this area. You may offer staging yourself, in which case you could just use a stock image of a family frustrated by moving or something.
    15. headshot.jpg
      • A headshot of yourself or your company’s logo.
Don’t worry about resizing or blurring the welcome photo, etc. – I’ll handle it! Just send full-resolution photos and we’ll be good to go!

Once I have ALL of the requested documents/info, I will return back within 48 hours with a completed page! You will then have two (2) edit or adjustment opportunities the following week for any content/image changes (no theme design changes).

After a week from the completed date you will be responsible for adjustments, or additional payment will be required if you would like me to complete the updates for you. Pricing will be quoted on an as-needed basis.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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