Client Management System for Real Estate Photographers

You started a real estate photography business and are building your client base, but now you are trying to figure out how to streamline scheduling, photo delivery, payment processing and virtual tour creation. I may have a solution for you! Check out this system that I developed and see if it may be a fit for you in the coming weeks when it goes live to the public.

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Virtual Tours – Branded and With Video

Most real estate photographers are expected to provide two virtual tour links to their Realtor clients. One version is branded with the agent contact info on it. The other is MLS-Compliant, or unbranded. As far as I know, the majority of MLS systems do not allow agent branding to be visible in their submitted tours. 

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Create Virtual Tours on the Cheap With WordPress

It’s the talk of the real estate world… “I use virtual tours for all of my listings”, “I don’t list a property without a virtual tour”… As a real estate photographer, you need to provide virtual tour links to your clients. This post will guide you in a cost-effective way of creating your own virtual tours to provide to your Realtors.

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