To have a successful real estate photography business, you have to understand which editing method you would like to use during post-processing. I like the combination of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom with the Enfuse plug-in to create HDR photos that are natural and realistic looking. Below I share a video tutorial of the entire process.

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I have since switched to Photomatix and have a Photomatix Processing Real Estate Photography along with Lightroom. Make sure you compare both pieces of software and use what fits your style best!

When I first started my real estate photography business in 2010 I was lucky to hear about Enfuse and how it can be used to blend multiple exposures together to create a realistic interior photograph. Unfortunately for me, there wasn’t a clear example that I could find anywhere to help me along with the process. I knew it was the way to go, but what were the steps I needed to take and what software do I need to get to the end result?

So you don’t end up like me and spend hours trying to figure it out, I have created a video that details the entire post-processing technique that I use within Lightroom. Watch the video below to see how I go from bracketed exposures, to real estate photos ready to be delivered to my client.

Summary of Editing Steps in the Video

1 Import the Photos

Import all of the photos from the shoot into your Lightroom catalog.

2 Stack the Bracketed Shots

For each set of bracketed exposures that we take, we create a single stack of all photos. Each stack will end up with 3-7 photos depending on how many exposures you took for the given shot.


3 Adjust Color Temperature

For each stack of photos, adjust the color temperature by using the eye dropper tool in Lightroom and making manual adjustments as needed. This is done so each bracketed shot has the same color temperature before blending together with Enfuse.

4 Blend Bracketed Shots with Enfuse

We blend all of the stacked brackets together using the bulk feature in Enfuse. By highlighting all of our stacks before triggering the Enfuse process, we let Enfuse know that each stack should be blended individually. This will result in a blended image of all brackets in each individual stack.

5 Edit with Lightroom

Edit each photo individually with Lightroom, adjusting exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, blacks, clarity and saturation.

6 Edit with Photoshop

For exterior photos that need sky replacements or any photo that has a difficult object to remove that can’t be handled within Lightroom, we send the photo to Photoshop for the final touches.

7 Export for Delivery

Export all of the photos using our export presets that we created in the Software Setup for Post Processing article, and package them up for delivery to the client.

With practice, editing for real estate photography can be quite quick. Remember, the above video is just a guide to help get you started. You should develop your own processing routine and make adjustments that fit you and your product. Good luck!